Anikia Nelson

Physician Consultant and Product Manager
Seattle, WA, US

Anikia is a physician consultant and product manager, and her focus is on product valuation and positioning for clinical components of the MedInsight Portfolio of analytics.

The MedInsight software tools are windows or web-based solutions for providing healthcare analytics for use in a client’s environment. Anikia leads strategic accounts to maximize their use of the analytic suite. She writes blogs, weighs in on interesting industry articles, and facilitates a growing number of client-driven webinars. Some of the tools focuses on are Guideline Analytics, the MedInsight Health Waste Calculator and Chronic Condition Hierarchical Groups. The departmental goals are to respond to the market needs for nuanced and actionable analytics. Anikia helps guide clients to connect Medical Management interventions to strategic analytics for near-term and long-term goal attainment.